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January 25, 2006 by Patriots
Opera Mini™ is a fast and easy alternative to Opera's mobile browser, allowing users to access the Web on mobile phones that would normally be incapable of running a Web browser. This includes the vast majority of today's WAP-enabled phones.

Instead of requiring the phone to process Web pages, it uses a remote server to pre-process the page before sending it to the phone. This makes Opera Mini™ perfect for phones with very low resources, or low bandwidth connections.

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January 24, 2006 by Patriots
Hey Yrag, or Someone,

I'm having some issues with my computer. If anyone could help me I"d be most appreciative

1. Wincustomize browser keeps freezing up on me, I can't post a thread, or Add comments, it Freezes. I'm on Firefox now to post this

2. Stardock Central Freezes up on me as well. Same issues.

I have disabled my firewalls thinking this was the problem. Also, I have Kaspery Anti-virus, and I have allowed SDC and Stardock to be accpted under Exclusions.

3. In my eve...
January 20, 2006 by Patriots
Security firm F-Secure has issued patches for critical flaws in 18 of its antivirus products that fix a vulnerability in the scanning of RAR and ZIP archives for malicious code. Both Windows and Linux based tools are affected, and F-Secure recommends installing the fix immediately.

"It is possible to create specially crafted ZIP archives that cause a buffer overflow. This allows an attacker to execute code of his choice on affected systems," the company said in an advisory. "It is in additio...
January 13, 2006 by Patriots
hey all, I'm looking for a better graphics card...any thoughts?
January 1, 2006 by Patriots
Dog + Memory Card = Chew Toy

I was exploring the web page Ontrack DataRecovery, can be found here Link

What this company specializes in is Data Recovery from any typed of computer system. Weather it be a simple e-mail recovery to the complex whole systems recovery/server. I like to keep up on a company like this for “just in case.” I now know that if my dog chews up my memory card this company can recovery my data.

Ontrack has released their 2005 Data Disaster league table. Whic...
December 30, 2005 by Patriots
Car Vs Bomb

I was reading today’s web blog on “Times Online” you can read it here Link It was about a fake advert dealing with VW Polo. Apparently, it was the most forwarded e-mail for 2005. The site that you can view it on is at link] ">LinkIt shows a man of middle eastern ethnic background, dressed in camoflauge attire getting into the VW Polo. He drives across town, parks the car and presses the trigger to the bomb. Th...
December 29, 2005 by Patriots
I would first of all like to give everyone a Happy New Year Wish. What you wish for will come true depending on how you wish, and use it.

So, tell me what your New Year Wish is, and I will do my best to help you make it come true
December 14, 2005 by Patriots
Hey All,
I came across this web site that is kinda neat for those of you with children this time of year. If they're asking "is there really a Santa Claus?" Thought I'd post it here for you all to enjoy and read over again. I'm also including the site which has all of the ways to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in each spoken lang. Kinda neat.

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